What is Korfball?

Korfball is a mixed-gender team sport similar to netball and basketball, the aim being to score points by putting the ball through a basket. You can’t run with the ball, so the emphasis is on movement and teamwork to score points. And although it’s a mixed sport (each team has 4 men and 4 women) men can only defend against men, and women can only defend against women.

Korfball is growing in popularity in the UK and there are many clubs the length and breadth of the country playing in national, regional and local leagues. Korfball is not yet an Olympic sport, but our national team competed in the most recent World Games in Taiwan during July 2009.

Both the BBC and Sky Sports have done good introductory pieces on Korfball. See the Sky Sports page Get Involved in Korfball for their video, or watch the BBC’s Mike Bushell giving it a go.

The following video briefly explains the rules of Korfball:

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