Sunday 22nd January 2017

This Sunday Didcot Dragons 1 played Isis 2 at St Gregory the Great Catholic School resulting in a 10-7 win to the Dragons. The top goal scorers were Tris Kendell (3) and Chloe Watts (2) and a big well done goes out to all team members who worked together to score the well deserved win for our club.  Go Dragons!

In the second match of the day Didcot Dragons 2 played Bucks Royals.  The final score was a 19-9 win to Bucks who played a very good game.  While the Dragons may not have won this time round, they exhibited a huge amount of skill and great teamwork on court and a tremendous sense of achievement resounded amongst all despite the outcome.  The top goal scorer of the match was Ian Lewis who scored three goals and Tris Kendell acted as sub.

Keep it up Dragons.  We are the friendliest korfball club in Didcot after all!  Next Sunday Didcot 1 play Didcot 2 at St Gregs at 7.15pm.  This could be an interesting rivalry!


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