Didcot Dragons Tournament

On Saturday 20th August 2016 Didcot Dragons Korfball Team hosted their annual tournament at St Edmonds Park, Didcot.  Thank you to all the teams who travelled from all over the country to play with us! A fantastic time was had by all with Cambridge City Korfball Club triumphing in the final match. (See team photo below.)

Well done to everybody who played, supported on the day, bought cakes, enjoyed a lunchtime BBQ and held strong against the adverse weather conditions.  The wind and rain was not ideal but everyone carried on throughout the day regardless.

A BIG thank you to our co-chairs Gemma Wilson and Laura Hathaway-Jenkins for organising it all and to everyone else who lent a hand on the day as they all did a marvellous job.

Watch this space for the return of our fun-packed tournament this time next year.  Now onwards and forwards to the new winter season!

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